Pizzalicious Build Your Own Pizza

Fresh and Tasty - Homemade Pizza

Congratulations, you have bought a BYO Pizzalicious Pizza. Now you are in control!

In your box you will find:

  • A dough ball

  • A base sauce

  • Two toppings

  • Cheese

We don't want to take away your flair, so here are some simple instructions. How you top it, roll it, flip it, sauce it, that's all up to you. 

  1. Flour your surface

  2. Roll out, or stretch your dough to the required size (a thin 12inch pizza, or thicker 9inch pizza) 

  3. Spray your baking tray with oil or using a kitchen roll lightly grease 

  4. Put your dough on the baking tray

  5. Avoiding adding pressure to the dough (this will make it stick) apply your base sauce and toppings. Note, the thicker the toppings the heavier/wetter the base will be 

  6. Cook at 200 degrees celsius, or gas mark 6, for 11 minutes (we recommend checking at 9/10 minutes for 'doneness' because the efficiency of your oven could make the cooking time quicker or slower)

Finally, we would love to see your creations! Please share them with us on Facebook!